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Your Child's Learning Journal 

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What Is A Learning Journal?

Your child's learning journal or 'red book' celebrates his or her experiences. Over time, it will tell a story about your child - his or her learning, friends, and the experiences they enjoy sharing with others.

When Will You Get Your Child's Learning Journal?

You will first receive your child's learning journal on their first day with us. Inside you will find the name of your assigned key person along with details of your child's first day with us.

After this, your assigned key person will try to update the learning journal on a weekly basis. 

Kids Drawing
Kids Drawing

What will your child's learning journal consist of?

Photographs - These capture moments and sequences of your child’s experiences, their interests and explorations.

Observations - These are quick notes of significant moments we notice in your child’s learning.

Your child’s creations - These could be photos of models, photos of their role-play, marks they have made, or crafts they have made – with an observation to explain what your child did or said.

Detailed observations - These detailed observations give snapshots of the understanding your child has around different areas of the EYFS. Staff then think about what and how your child is learning, their development and how best to support them further.

Please get in touch with any questions. We’re always happy to help.

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